• Growing Adlai in the Bukidnon Uplands

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Growing Adlai in the Bukidnon Uplands

Cultivating High Quality Crops

About Us

We Heal as One with our Farmers

Farming is a profession of hope.

- Brian Brett

Adlai is a Superfood

Out of the 11 varieties of adlai found in the Philippines, Kiboa Ridge Farms has concentrated in cultivating Kibuwa and Gulian adlai in Bukidnon. These grains are bigger in size, whiter in color, and provide better eating quality that closely resembles rice. This must-have pantry staple is a power-packed alternative to corn, white rice or brown rice. Eating a 100-gram serving of adlai gives you more fuel because it has the highest energy content. Adlai has a low glycemic index and is completely gluten-free which makes it ideal for people who want to improve their gut-health, heart-health and blood sugar. It is a versatile ingredient that you can use to make your favorite recipes.


A few years back, I was diagnosed to be pre-diabetic. I was told to stay away from any sugar-related food including rice. And so I did. My meals went to even having minced veggies as rice substitute but the regimen took the pleasure out of eating and brought along a foul mood each time to the table.

My daughter Patricia who had been noticing my behaviour recommended Adlai. After a perfunctory research, I asked her to order some. From then on, it has been Adlai for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This gluten-free barley has brought back the joy in eating...literally a life safer for me!

Mr. Tony Gutierrez, 71 years old

As an athlete I am always on the lookout for healthy carbohydrates, as it is an essential element of my diet. I am very happy to come across Adlai – which compared to white rice is higher in energy and power packed with nutritional value so it keeps me full much longer. It has anti-inflammatory and blood sugar lowering properties, is gluten free and tastes absolutely delicious! It’s the latest superfood that should be in every home.

Joyette Jopson, Triathlete

"For over 10 years I shifted to brown/red rice as the healthier option to our regular white rice. Then almost two years ago, I discovered adlai and shifted to it since. It is a better alternative to white rice than the brown/red rice as it “feels” and tastes closer to the white rice; much healthier too – high in fiber, gluten-free, low glycemic index thus good for the heart and safer for watching blood sugar.

I was told not to refer to Kiboa, but I must say theirs is the best – most consistent and “clean.” With the other brands, you get a blackish water “residue” from the rice cooker even if you wash it twice. With their brand, it is clean even if you wash it just once."

Fr. Tito Caluag

Proper nutrition is essential to staying healthy and keeping fit to endure long hours of training and rigorous competitions. For optimal athletic performance, I compliment my plant-based diet with a daily consumption of whole foods that are gluten-free, low in glycemic index, high in dietary fiber, and packed with protein and nutrients. Adlai is my food staple that is healthy and powerful yet light on the tummy.

Anna Marie Periquet, Multi-awarded Dancesport Athlete and Ballerina

My family always loves to have white rice included in our meals but it is not always the most healthy option. In our desire to increase our health, we shifted to other types of rice until we were introduced to adlai. We decided to give it a try and it is what, even my kids, look for in every meal. We have since learned about its many health benefits, and my husband, who is now the adlai master has prepared many adlai dishes that our family loves.

Rosa Garcia-Inciong, Founder, My Daily Roots Essentials

Farmers & Artisans Market

Kiboa Ridge Farms believes that we can do so much more together. 

We have partnered with Grannies, RISA Chocolates, Solana Microgreens and SUFI Organic Saffron to curate our latest passion project, KIBOA CARE PACKAGE.

Kiboa Ridge Farms provides farm-to-market access to farmers and emerging artisans who are in need of a distribution partner. 


Be a Community Reseller

Kiboa Ridge Farms endeavors to consistently maintain excellent product quality. While we work hand-in-hand with our local farmers to produce safe and nutritious food that consumers can enjoy, we do not sell directly to consumers. We collaborate with entrepreneurial partners, digital consolidators and hyperlocal retailers who actively make our grains accessible in their communities together with their fresh produce and other essential commodities.

By becoming a Kiboa Ridge Farms Community Reseller, you are helping support our local farmers.